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New Year Starts Strong: Fishy Jury Duty

I have two tips for leading a productive 2013:

1.) Don’t leave your daily Omega 3 Fish Oil pill in your pant’s pocket before running them through the washing machine;


2.) Get a doctor’s note when you see me sitting in the jury selection room ’cause they’re about to call us for a 2-week trial.

I could write a very lengthy blog post about the frustration of being called to (potentially) jury a 2-week civil trial 10 weeks before I launch my website OR I could pen a tongue-and-cheek diatribe about my husband’s fish-pill habit that required six vomit-inducing midnight washes to remove the ridiculously pungent, putrid fish-scale smell out of our clothes. But no. This is 2013. And in 2013, I’m positive, I’m “half-glass-full”, and I’m not allowed to be bitchy or snarky.

It’s going to be a very long year.

This blog post is NOT going to be about how the Beverly Hills courthouse Jury Selection Room has pictures of celebrities flanking their wall, claiming they served therefore so should you. I mean, if a celebrity can make time out of their busy movie-making, red-carpet walking, fancy trailer waiting life, than I what am I complaining about? A mid-life career change? A steep investment in my own internet company? Two kids under the age of 10? A husband traveling for work the next 3 out of 4 weeks? Washing fish oil out of pajamas, underwear and kids’ uniform pants at 2 am? Harrison and I should meet up for drinks. We’d really share a commiserating laugh over that one!

With my new 2013 self, I won’t mention that my 9-year old (precocious and very well-read) daughter said to me this morning, “Mom, I think you need to tell the judge that as it is, you’re tenuously juggling your company and us. Tell him you can’t handle two weeks on a jury. Really, Mom.” Verbatim. I couldn’t make up this stuff. It’s only 9 am.

Don’t pity me. And don’t roll your eyes knowingly!

It’s 2013. It’s the year of the Snake. And for us rats born in 1972, this means I’m gonna focus on my career and stop focusing on the mundane and trivial. The Travel China Guide website says so. For those born in the Rat Zodiac, “Fortune gets better in 2013, both in career and wealth. During the first half-year, they should seize any chance to make great achievements. Their good fortune in the second half-year will lessen a lot. For females, it is better to take good care of themselves and stop being gossipy.”

I’m on it. Life could be so much worse.

Wait. One of the courthouse elevators just broke. Rumor has it it’s filled with today’s jurors. See how much worse my day could be?!

Half-glass full, baby. Half-glass full.

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