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Power Binge: 13 hours in 3 days

Everything you hear is true. “House of Cards” is that good.

[Before I go on, here’s my disclaimer: I don’t own Netflix stock. I don’t even know who runs the company. I’d share my account login but I’m afraid they’d find out and block me forever.]

What is “House of Cards”? Oh, get thy to Netflix without haste. Just trust me on this. It’s as good as Downton Abbey. Just totally different. But kinda the same. In the addictive, obsessive kind of way.

I know what you’re thinking.

Where do you find the time, Deb?

Aren’t you trying to launch TOTEFISH in May, enrich your two children during Spring Break, lose those extra 7 pounds and read that book on Creative Intelligence?


But since I’m off wine (2 pounds right there) and my kids implored me to let them “hang with nothing to do like regular kids for a week” and it’s not possible to read more than 3 paragraphs of any book in bed after a 16-hour work day … I was ripe for a small leap into total obsessiveness.

Enter 13 hours of Kevin Spacey’s power-hungry deliciousness. Yes, it can be done in three days.

Who needs to sleep from 9 pm – 2 am?

Apart from the brilliance of the sublime acting, the tight writing, the gorgeous sets and the intoxicatingly complex morality of the characters… I think it’s the back-to-back availability of the episodes that sucked me in like a sale sign at the Gucci outlet. It’s the totality of the experience. It’s like an all-nighter with new friends in Rome. You know you should get to bed but you just can’t bring yourself to flag down a cab. And in the morning, you just can’t stop thinking about it.

Now, I don’t recommend dedicating a full day of sunlight to watching all 13-episodes but… if you happen to catch that nasty flu going around, what’s a little chicken soup propped up against your iPad, right?

I’m just saying. I hadn’t intended to do it. It was so feckless. 13 hours of tv in 3 days?! Who does that?!

I recommend you should, too.

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