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Games with My 8-Year Old: Name that Lady!

My Daughter: “Mom, of all the famous ladies alive now, who do you like the most?

Me: “Oh, that’s hard to say.”

My Daughter: “But if you had to choose. Who do you love?”

Me: “Does she have to be famous?”

My Daughter: “Yes. Or else you’ll say ‘Me.’ ”

Me: “Famous to me or famous to everyone?”

My Daughter: “Famous on those magazines the babysitter brings over.”

Me: “Can I choose different parts from different ladies?”

My Daughter: “That’s not the game. But. Okay, fine. But you have to write it down. And you have to choose ONLY ONE who you want to be when you get older. Those are the rules.”

Some Famous Alive Ladies & Their Part(s) I Really Like

Tina Fey

Her perfect funny and perfect nose. Both are sharp and pointed.


J. K. Rowling

Her copious, creative writing skills. 870 pages in one volume? And kids read all of them? The first twenty pages of my “great American love story” have taken me four years to write. And no one wants to read them. Trust me on this.


Michelle Obama

Her seriously awesome “Don’t Fuck with me” thing. In a gorgeous State Dinner gown or a “growing your own organics” stained sweatshirt, I wish I could exude that kind of scary. Oops. I meant to say, ‘Her “Don’t Fool with me” thing.’ My bad.


Arianna Huffington

Her accent, perfectly-coiffed hair and reasonable “Left-Right-And-Center” comments. But mainly, for her accent. And her blog business.


Julie Andrews

Her cross-generational If-that’s-singing-then-I-want-to-do-singing inspiration. There’s nothing sweeter than hearing my son lull himself to sleep with “those songs that the pretty lady sings in that mountain movie.” It’s one of my favorite things.


Meryl Streep

Her grace at being the most talented woman in the room. No one wants to see her trip up (or down) the steps. Not even other women.


Hilary Clinton

Her enigmatic ambition. Clearly she’s smart and driven but otherwise, impossible to define. Actually, I don’t think I want to be like her but what I wouldn’t do to be a fly on her wall!


Oprah Winfrey

Her wealth. Billions. Self-made. She wields the same kind of influence as a dozen male Forbes billionaires. What woman doesn’t want that?


Ellen DeGeneres

Her next-door neighborliness. Self-deprecating but not insecure. Up-on-gossip but not catty. Smart but not arrogant. She makes you want to bake a bundt cake. That’s good for America.



Her deep, unrelenting love of herself. Every woman should love herself this much. Just think about the problems we could solve if all women around the world felt as good about themselves as she does.

One Alive Lady Who I’d Like To Be When I Get Older

Betty White

Because of her charmed octogenarian life. When I’m 80, I want to be that involved in the world around me, even if it’s just doing fun stuff. Wait. She’s 90?! Well then, it’s settled. I SO want to be Betty White when I grow up.

And that’s a list that People magazine could stand behind


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