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Gender Differences: The Wyle Coyote Effect

Here’s a short story about the difference between boys and girls.

At dinner last night, my husband told our two kids the story of Larry Walters, a man who decided to take flight on his lawnchair with 40+ helium-filled balloons to propel him 10,000+ feet above the ground.

My husband’s childhood recollection of the story was that Larry lifted up off the ground, unprepared for the height he would reach. In order to come down, he needed the help of authorities and their b-b guns.

The details of the story, as outlined in his wikipedia page, are a bit different but the general experience is the same. There have been many re-enactments of Larry’s original flight. All of them have been led by men.

My Response


“Now kids. Don’t ever do that, okay? It’s dumb. And really dangerous.”

My Kids’ Responses

DAUGHTER (age: 9 1/2)

“Duh, Mom. A lawnchair? On balloons?

That’s something they do on Looney Tunes.”

SON (age 7)

“Yeah, Mom. Don’t worry. I’d take a pin with me.

So I could pop the balloons myself. Definitely.”

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