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Birthday Bras & Blogs

Yesterday was my 40th Birthday and besides shoving 4 crazy-delicious slices of butter-laden “these-are-going-right-to-my-bundts”Bundt Birthday cake into my mouth, I spent the afternoon letting a very nice stranger plump up my breasts and pick out a slew of overpriced “no-need-for-silicone-here” bras.

Yes, it was my decadenal “Nordstrom Bra-Fitting Department Day.”

And it was Awesome.

Did I just say bras? YES. Bras!

Who needs a private party at The French Laundry when you have Nordstrom’s cadre of “we’ve seen it all, honey and your breasts, if you don’t mind us saying, look amazing” saleswomen waiting to make you feel fabulous even though you know they’re lying through their recently-bleached teeth. My 34-year old professional bra-sizer even hugged me when she found out my mission was to treat my 40-year old “we-fed-two-children-for-a-year” breasts to their just due.

But such birthday extravaganza doesn’t come cheap. But no fear. It’s easy to rationalize. What’s $400 for a week’s supply of bras when a.) you spend the same amount for a phone and you’re less likely to leave your bras on the restaurant table, b.) surgical solutions cost $5000, c.) that $375 brass-button, military-fashion-blazer you got talked into buying four years ago went out of fashion quicker than the Iraq war and d.) $400 doesn’t cover the bread-tab at The French Laundry. My undergarment happiness: PRICELESS. Unfortunately, I can’t post a photo. ‘Cause this ain’t that kind of blog.


Now, you’re wondering about the Birthday Blog part of the title. No, this post isn’t it. Late last night, after the family Birthday Sushi Dinner and two more “no-one-is-watching-so-I-might-as-well-have-another” slices of the Birthday Bundt, I started designing my start-up company Blog. Yeah, that’s right. Working on my Birthday. And you know what?! I LOVED it. That’s how 40 I am. It only took 5 hours to set-up.

By 2 am, I had 12 new followers.

Seriously. 12 new followers. And 3 Likes. From total strangers.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’ve got great friends. I’ve got budding Totefish fans. I’ve got new bras. I’ve got a family that I love. And I’ve finally finished off that whole damn bundt cake. That’s my kind of 40!


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