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Working from Bed: How a sick mom does it

The inevitable occurred. I caught my daughter’s germs and I’ve been laid up in bed for 2 days. Now, I’m trying to launch a website in 4 weeks so one can imagine how convenient such a forced convalescence is.

But wait. Turns out, this “problem” isn’t all bad.

The good things about working from bed:

1.) Those lap desks really work. No more laptop batteries unnaturally warming my reproductive parts. I’m a convert.

2.) Spontaneous naps. With pillows propped up around me, it’s easy to nod off for a quick 27 minute refresher. Seriously, that’s awesome.

3.) Take-dinners delivered to the door. Two nights in a row, guilt-free pizza dinners. It’s like we’re on vacation.

4.) Instant weight-loss. I’m too sick to walk to the pantry and grab my hourly “pick-me-up” handful of Oreos. Who needs will power and sit-ups when a virus can jumpstart your goal to lose those extra 10 pounds brought on by stress and bad eating habits?

5.) Wearing your pajamas while you craft a Powerpoint Presentation isn’t depressing, demoralizing or ironic (as in “working from home on my start-up feels like make-believe business”). Instead, it’s empowering. It shows stamina and commitment. I’m a Mom with a start-up. Hear me roar. Who knew a virus could do what months of therapy couldn’t?

6.) Taking a shower IS a big accomplishment. When you’re sick, the little things matter and To Do lists are irrelevant. I’m damn near becoming a Zen Yogi with this kind of wisdom, no?

7.) When Mom goes down, the kids rise up. Payback is a wonderful thing. My kids bring me cold drinks and fresh boxes of tissues, unprompted. They do their homework on the floor in my bedroom “just so they can be close” in case I need something. My son insisted on giving me a back-rub (“the way you do, Mom, when I’m sick”) and my daughter gives me “power hugs” to kill off the germs. Forget Mother’s Day. Sick Days rock!

Sure, the laundry is piling up, most emails have gone unanswered, I’ve had to reschedule important conference calls, and my kids have gone to bed without their usual array of Mom & kid bedtime antics. I don’t welcome this virus on anyone but it’s not as bad as I would have thought. Sickness acts as a great reminder of what I too often take for granted.

Turns out, my water glass on my bedside table is half-full.

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