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Where'd all the romance go?

I have a confession to make. I’m an epic-romance junkie.

Sure, I’m a happily-married, mother of two, ambitious feminist… but I’m a hopeless, over-the-top devotee of sweeping, all-consuming love stories. The bigger the drama, the happier I am. Movies about star-crossed lovers and their tearful embraces make me want to dance. Complicated stares? I practice them in the mirror. Kisses that leave your lungs aching and your throat dry? I watch the scene seven times without blinking. A soaring musical score? Caresses that reach below the skin? Silences filled with weighted pauses? I can’t get enough!

Yes. It’s past midnight again and I’m awake. The house is asleep and the decaf coffee I ordered at dinner clearly wasn’t decaf. I’m too tired to map out yet another User Experience flowchart so that means there’s only one thing left to do: it’s movie trailer watching time. And damn it if there’s not ONE epic love story in the mix.

Remember all those great sweeping love stories Hollywood used to make? The English Patient. Moulin Rouge. Out of Africa. I miss them. I want them. But I can’t find them anywhere. Where has the big love story gone?? Enough with all these small independent character flicks about broken marriages or friendships between strangers. I want passion, damn it! I want kisses and embraces and longing and suffering and all those great things that keep me glued to my chair, wishing for the movie to never end.

There’s not even a Twilight movie trailer (and there’s always a Twilight movie trailer!) It’s gonna be a tough night for a junkie without her juice.

So, just in case there are a few addicts out there who need to feel some passionate caresses and witness some love that overcomes a whole bunch of crazy obstacles between two ridiculously gorgeous people … here’s a tiny fix from a greener time not so long ago:

The English Patient

Moulin Rouge

The Notebook

Out of Africa


Dirty Dancing

Even Casino Royale had it…

Oh, it’s enough to drive a woman to download Pretty Woman to her iTunes account…

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