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Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner


A must-read for all modern-day parents who hope to instill the qualities needed for their children to survive and thrive in the future economy.

I’m a big believer that our nation’s top priority needs to be educating children on how to think broadly, synthesize information across multiple industries and innovate new products and systems. This book not only validates that theory with a succinct summary of the leading studies, but pushes me forward with applicable parenting approaches.

The book is easy to read and offers a compilation of stories from those involved in the life of young entrepreneurs. It’s objective is to provide an understanding of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur so that we, as parents, can make better decisions for our children. Unfortunately, it highlights our deficiencies as a society as we more-than-often misdirect our priorities in education. But seeing the problems is half the battle, right?


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