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Day 3: Mundane Life as a Covid-19 Pandemic Shut-in

Yes, I'm back on the blog.


Mostly because I don't trust Facebook.  And it feels like cheating if I cut-and-paste the same email to all my friends & family.   Pandemics are funny like that.  It's important to stay-in-touch but that's a lot of custom-communication.  No wonder the kids don't like emailing.

No, there's no Day 1 or 2.

Why not?

'Cause it's a pandemic, for goodness sake.  It takes a few days to adjust.  Plus, I had a lot of hummus in the 'frig to eat.

Deb's Pandemic Updates & Tips

Overall, managing well.   Most of our (4) person family still talking to each other.  1000 piece puzzle has only 97 stupid, unplaced pieces left.   Wine supply = robust but only allowing two glasses of wine, every other night.  Gotta keep structure when you're stuck inside the structure all day.  Food & household supply = good but a bit too optimistically healthy.  Broke down and ordered a retailer's-end-cap's worth of Twizzlers, Panda licorice sticks and chocolates.  Shhhh, don't tell the kids.  Sometimes, Mama needs help keeping the train on the tracks.

A few things of note so far:

1.  I've decided to wear real pants and a bra to our daily virtual writers’ room even though no one can see me.  I believe professionalism in times of crisis make all the difference in the world.  This said, I wash my hair every-third-day.  ‘Cause a girl has to be honest about herself.

2.  The kids are weirdly tech-savvy and pandemic-flexible.  Who knew??  Heretofore, I promise to not roll my eyes about their gen’s overuse of social media.  Instead, I need some tips on managing group convos on Snapchat.  My, how the tables have turned.  Oh, and let me tell you -- those animated iPhone emojis?  Ah... awesome.  Currently, my spirit animal is a sassy lady fox.  They don’t make a bald eagle.  Oh well.  Ka-kaaaaa.

3.  I just ordered a single-person trampoline from Amazon.  I’m gonna bounce my way to sanity (and to a body with 10 less pounds).  I will find my old waist.  I will detox my entire lymph-node system before you can ask, "Why do I have to wait a week to watch episode 2 of 'Little Fires Everywhere?'"  I will stop eating two bags of Cheese-flavored Skinny Pop at 10 pm.  Starting tomorrow.

4.  Hummus might seem like a really good pandemic-stocking idea at the time... but honestly, you can get hummus'ed out real quick.  Don't know why, really.  Hummus is tasty, versatile.  Works well with carrots, crackers, in salads, on sliced meats, breads.  But, hear me now, believe me later -- pace the hummus use.

That's all for now.   Gotta keep schedul-ish.

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