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Pandemic News & Updates

In times of craziness, I find information to be calming.  Being informed is good self-care. 

CDC (Center for Disease Control)

Covid-19 Updates

CDC (Center for Disease Control)

Manage Anxiety & Stress

WHO (World Health Organization)

Coronavirus Disease Outbreak - Updates

CIDRAP (Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy)

Harvard Medical School (Coronavirus Resource Center)

Harvard Medical School (How to talk to teens about Covid-19)

NY Times

NPR (National Public Radio)

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

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Food & Meals

Because it kinda shakes down to food, doesn't it?   Obviously, local food delivery via Postmates, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub is always an option for a "night out/in."  For eating in... 

Omaha Steaks

Frozen meats, family meals, one-dish meals, sides

Soup Bazaar

Williams Sonoma 

Prepared Meals

Harry & David

Pre-made Meal Delivery

Mackenzie Limited

Various meals & treats


Because these are stressful times.


Sees Candies

Stressful, stressful times.

Hello Fresh

Our current choice; very homey & comforting

Blue Apron

Boxed meals, more complex than Hello Fresh.  Still yummy.


Haven't used these yet but friends have


Boxed meals, a bit on the fancier side.  Very yummy.

Home Chef

I've never tried them but they come well-recommended.

A whole bunch more of recommendations.

After a long hiatus, we returned to box-meals.  I hate the waste of all the packaging but I like the ease & the fresh food supplies.  Plus, it's a no-brainer to put the kids & husband to work in the kitchen, right?  If you go this route, be sure to check online for 1st time customer deals. 

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